Our one day Forklift Operator Certificate and F Endorsmement course is held weekly 

Timaru - Every Tuesday & Friday 

Dunedin - Every Tuesday from 2nd of June  

Ashburton - by arangement

Christchurch - Call 03 343 6730 for bookings

(Please be at the venue at 7:45am)

Forklift Operator Certificate (OSH) $195.00 

F Endorsement only $120.00 

Operator Certerficate & F Endorsement Combo price $255.00  

We also offer Forklift Mounted Safety Plaform US:18409, plus Forklift Attachments US:10852 training & assessment by arrangement  


F Endorsement is required if you drive a forlift on a road

Defintion of a road: (Land Transport ACT 1998) A street, motorway, beach and a place to which the public have access whether as of right or not; all bridges, culverts, ferries and fords forming part of a road or street or motorway, all sites at which vehicles may be weighed for the purpose of the Act or enactment.

If you drive a forklift on a road, you MUST hold a full New Zealand class 1 driver licence and have an F endorsement on your driver’s licence.

A full class 1 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a gross laden weight of up to 18,000Kgs.

A full class 2 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a gross laden weight exceeding 18,000Kgs

Please note:

  • You MUST hold a full New Zealand drivers license before you can hold an F endorsement
  • A combination of the Forklift operator certificate and F endorsement can be completed in one day
  • The combination price F/OSH is $255.00 (GST inclusive) per person
  • On-site training is available with flexible time frames
  • The F endorsement is trained & assessed to unit standard 18496

Forklift Operator Certificate:

If you drive a forklift in a workplace you will need a Forklift Operator Certificate, this is valid for three years, (formaly known, the OSH certificate)The minimum age is 15 years before a person can start their training to drive a forklift.

Please note:

  • It is recommended by WorkSafe NZ that you revalidate your Forklift Operator Certificate every three years
  • We can manage your training schedule by sending out reminders 30 days prior to your forklift operator needing to re-validate 
  • ProDriver Training run this course every Monday in Dunedin and Christchurch
  • Timaru runs this course every Tuesday and Friday
  • This course is suitable for beginners and experienced operators (training will be given to beginners prior to assessment)
  • ProDriver Training provides all equipment necessary
  • One on one on-site training is available with flexible time frames
  • Onsite group training using your own equipment is avaliable if desired 

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